We’ve added more flexibility to your room pricing

  Our newest update brings even more flexibility to the way you define your rooms and pricing. Quick way to add a Single room type In the Rooms tab, switch the toggle to Room types, then press the  Add room type button.  Type a name, max number of persons, price, and then check the Has single use checkbox.  Here’s a quick snip for you to see. Maximum flexibility with Custom Prices We know the season it’s coming and we wanted to READ MORE

New Year, new features: safety and accessibility first

We believe the new updates to HoteloPro will improve the way you keep track of your work and will also increase the safety of your data. Check out your alerts, backup and restore your data, visualise the history of a booking, print client sheets, check how your day went with the Night Audit, and use the channel manager in a more flexible way. Room Status Alerts We’ve added a new alert feature concerning your clients booking status. If by any chance, READ MORE

Free or Cheap Hotel Management Softwares

When it comes to Hotel Management Softwares, we usually think of on-premise property management systems (PMSs), that are complex, expensive and complicated. Big hotel brands made use of them, and, at the time, it was a great help for a selective ensemble of hotels, who also could own servers, an IT expertise team and various arrangements. Technological evolution enabled small and mid-sized accommodation facilities to benefit of hotel management softwares, usually cloud-based, that are user friendly, and most importantly, budget READ MORE

More reports and some extra help

We got requests from you to have more reports, so we’ve added four more. Now you can easily see the status of your unit. Also if you’re someone that forgets things, rejoice. We have created the Alerts section to help you remember do certain actions that will keep things in order. Reports: Bookings/Occupancy rate It shows the percent of rooms that are occupied by day, week, or month. Reports: Financials Average stay – It is the average amount of nights READ MORE

We’ve added more flexibility to room prices and a lot more

A new upgrade has come to HoteloPro and we’re excited to share with you what’s new. We’ve improved the way rooms are added and we’ve introduced more flexibility in setting prices for your rooms. If you go now in Settings > Rooms you will see 2 tabs: Rooms and Room Types. By going in Room Types you can define all types you carry and then in Rooms simply select how many rooms you want to add and the type. No READ MORE

What are you able to offer to your guests in 2017?

Are you feeling the Christmas season vibes? Let me ask you – What are you going to offer to your guests? Do you have products and services that you want to offer your guests? How do you let them know about? Don’t assume for one single minute that they are going to ask, or that they are going to spot them randomly. You should tell them about your offers, and more than once. Keep in mind that you’re not just READ MORE

Christmas Season It’s Coming! Are you ready?

The Christmas it’s almost here! Yeeey! Are you ready for new ideas? It’s not a secret that the Christmas season is the most joyful and romantic time of the year, and for many small hotels and B&Bs, it’s the time with the most financial growth. So are you wondering how to promote your hotel to get as many guests as your hotel can host? Don’t worry! You are in the right place. Clients are expecting nice offers from you. Let’s READ MORE

A New Way To Use Instagram For Promoting Your Small Hotel

Tired of promoting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and having no effect? Would you like to start a new way of promoting? Start using Instagram as a new way of promoting professional and Intelligent. If your small hotel, B&B, inn is not on Instagram, you might be behind your competition. Do you ever wonder how many users does Instagram have? This statistic represents the number of monthly active Instagram users. The main mobile photo-sharing network had reached 500 million monthly active users, up from 400 READ MORE

Stop Using Spreadsheets to Run Your B&B in 2016

The digital era has been taking by storm all industries and small hotel operators started to rely on spreadsheets to manage their data. They embraced Microsoft Excel as their best friend and since then, they won’t let it go. Excel has been a universally functional tool for many businesses, especially in the hotel and accounting industry. To this day many hotel operators are still using spreadsheets and find them valuable. I know that spreadsheets have proved to be a very useful tool, READ MORE

Top 7 Tips For Improving Your TripAdvisor Ranking

Nowadays, online presence is decisive, and TripAdvisor is one of the important players in the hotel industry. Online notoriety should be an important objective for any business taking in consideration that online reviews affect bookings and incomes. Being a small hotel owner, your job is more than administrating your staff. You have to be preoccupied with your image and how guests see you. Did you ever wonder how to improve your TripAdvisor ranking? 1. Respond promptly & professionally I know sometimes it READ MORE