Christmas Season It’s Coming! Are you ready?

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The Christmas it’s almost here! Yeeey! Are you ready for new ideas? It’s not a secret that the Christmas season is the most joyful and romantic time of the year, and for many small hotels and B&Bs, it’s the time with the most financial growth. So are you wondering how to promote your hotel to get as many guests as your hotel can host? Don’t worry! You are in the right place.

Clients are expecting nice offers from you. Let’s see what they want.

1. Start acting now!

To be as much effective as you can for your holiday marketing campaign it’s time to start now if you did not start till now. Stand out from the crowd and make yourself heard. If your hotel doesn’t have a plan start planning now—the sooner the better.

2. Get creative.

C’mon. Let’s not hide,  holiday ads in general, not just Christmas ads tend to be repetitive and boring. Where is the joy and the fun in your ads? Ad fatigue happens when consumers are being exposed to the same type of message too many times. I’m not saying that Coca-Cola Christmas ad is not fun, but let’s get serious! Every year the same ad with the truck and the Santa? We highly recommend you to avoid the holiday fatigue this season and start being creative into your marketing advertising.

Update the messages, colors, borders, images. If you know that you are not the best person that can do such things, try hiring specialized people who can help you get the promotion done. When you stand out consumers won’t feel exposed to ad fatigue, and they will be much more likely to engage with your hotel offers.

3. Be present on social media.

One of the best marketing tool for your hotel (social media) should be an advantage for you this season (and every season no matter what season it is). Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are no longer about brand awareness but they get for you real and measurable sales right up to your doorstep.

Start taking advantage this holiday season by sharing your promotions and holiday sales through your social networking platforms. Engage with audience members through specific hashtags and posts. Be careful, though; you don’t want to spam your audience.

4. Share offers.

Don’t forget to share all of your promotions this holiday season. Get in the spirit of sharing and giving by offering generous discounts and promotions to the guest, then promote those through local advertisements, social media, and targeted marketing. Take advantage of personalized messages through email marketing.

5. Discounts for extended stays.

Many times it happens that some of your guests are quite flexible with their travel schedule and they might want to stay more. Probably an extra night or two. By offering a discount for an additional night, when paying the regular rate for the first few nights, could ensure a higher occupancy and incremental revenue.

6. Post photos of your hotel’s holiday decor.

If you are not going to keep your social media content relevant by posting photos that show your hotel’s holiday decorations and ideas, you are going to be boring and not relevant. By doing this you will help your future guests imagine how it would be like to stay at your hotel during the season.

7. Post about seasonal events.

Sharing your holiday menus and on-property events on Facebook will increase engagement among local fans and bring in more foot traffic, which will translate to more food and beverage revenue.

Refreshing your content strategy regularly can improve your online presence by showing that you are keeping your site current and relevant. This should naturally have a positive impact on your hotel’s SEO. Below are some unique ways to seamlessly weave the holiday season into the content strategy on your hotel’s independent site.

8. Post seasonal photography.

By keeping your photos fresh and seasonal, you will be able to better manage guest’s expectations. For example, if your hotel is located in Oradea, Romania, a magnificent place where the scenery changes with the seasons, make sure your hotel’s photography incorporates blue skies and the sunshine with the sparkling white snow-capped buildings.

9. Share local community holiday events.

If your hotel is located near an area that does something special for the holidays, start sharing it now on your website. Those events that are expecting a large attendance will already have a lot of awareness and, therefore, more search volume.

Having this information immediately available on your hotel’s website allows guests to see that your hotel is located near fun and happening events. They are able to see what events are happening in the city right on your website and begin planning their itinerary.

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